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Three Barrel Aquaculture System Kits

Plumbing Kit
All the pipe, fittings, and connectors needed to put the three barrels together. All pipes are pre-cut and glued where needed. You only need to drill holes in your barrels and screw the pipes together.
Two pipes may need to be cut with a hand saw to proper length to fit your barrel.

Aeration Kit
Air pump along with all the tubing and airstones needed.

Filter Material
Enough PVC ribbon for the biological filter in one barrel. This ribbon will last the life of the system. A few hundred pounds of river rock can also be used as filtration material but the PVC ribbon is much lighter and easier to clean.


Optional Kits

Hydroponic Floating Raft
This floating raft system will allow you to grow lettuce and other small plants in the plant barrel. It includes: one foam raft with three openings for plants, net pots fit to the openings, and rockwool for seed starting.
Other hydroponic systems may be available in the future, contact R&D AquaFarms for information.

This 300 watt submersible heater will help to keep water temperatures at the proper levels for warm water fish like tilapia.


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