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AquaPonics Grow Rack

This grow rack can be used with an existing tank or aquarium, or be placed on top of optional 55 gallon fish/filter barrels (sold separately). It can also be used next to a pond outdoors.

Four trays can support a total of 24 plants. They each have adjustable water depths. Higher water levels for starting new sprouts. Lower water levels for use with NFT for established plants. Covers can be removed for ease of cleaning.

Includes: Rack, trays, net pots, rock wool cubes, water pump, supply input. Ships flat and snaps together for easy assembly. Dimensions when set up: 48"w x 18"h x 25"d

Grow Rack:    $1076.75


AquaPonics Grow Rack with Barrels

Grow Rack With Barrels:    $1505.60